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"This software adds points to your rating..."

...and you can download it now for free (no kidding)

Dear Chess Competitor,

If you want software that will truly make you a better player every time you use it, the prestige of constantly playing higher rated competition, and if you want to do it while you're still young enough to enjoy it... then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

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"Bookup is simply the best way to study chess and it is incredibly useful in chess openings preparation.  Bookup is one of the most user-friendly programs I've seen, written by the most user-friendly programmers I've ever met.  It's great stuff!"

-- Grandmaster Peter Svidler
Russian Champion 1994, 1995

Let me show you how it helps with learning chess openings.

Discover the disciplined and fun way to learn chess theory that will make you a stronger player in as little as two weeks!

With Bookup 2000 Express you get...

  • Sample opening ebooks that will teach you opening theory fast

  • Fast searches of all your PGN games simultaneously

  • Positional trees that show all the knowledge from all your games together

  • Instant opinions from Crafty and/or Ruffian, strong computer analysis engines

  • An way to test yourself so you know that you know the theory

  • Ability to instantly compare your internet games to all your theory the moment the game is finished.

  • a 30 day trial of the Training Wizard that systematically trains you on all the known moves.

  • a 30 day trial of the instant editing features.


"Just one more note: I spent many weekends sifting through ECO etc. and input my chosen chess opening moves into Bookup. This exercise, plus the easy lookup and review was very important to me in becoming a master."

-- Larry Stevens
Pasadena, California

This software will get you to constantly improve your opening preparation and theoretical knowledge - even if you've never finished a chess book!

Now that's certainly a tall statement, but let me show you how it's very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to use every game you play to improve your strength in your very next game...

"Hi Mike, guess whose rating went from 1500 on a good day to 1765?  I'm using the endgame trainers daily, and I can really see, actually see, the lessons appear on the board when I need them in an actual game on the net (ICC)."

-- Michael Bennett

Every day I talk to chess players who are researching huge collections of games and playing against outrageously strong programs, but they're not making much progress in their own playing strength!

What if I guaranteed you that using a positional database would drastically cut down on the time and effort you'll need to become incredibly prepared in the chess openings?

"Mike, Earlier this week, I beat WGM Neeltje (Holland) on the ICC site. It was a blitz game (5-12) and I used the Bookup line from the London II book -- just the way I practiced it a thousand times using the practice opening option... Thanks to the work that you and Chuck put into that London II book, I have been able to learn and remember most of the lines that can come out of this position and I can save a lot of clock for the end game. A thousand thanks -- make that 2064 thanks (my current Correspondence Chess Candidate Master rating). I could not be playing this well without the help of the big guys at Bookup!"

-- Kevin Mulloy

And what if it were also fun?

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This 3D board is used by Bookup 2000 Express and Professional.

I personally guarantee you that this software will take you to the next level of your chess playing ability and keep you on a track of continuous improvement. How can I say that? I've been creating professional chess software for over 20 years, and I've always worked from suggestions and ideas from the fastest improving players.

For less than $30 there is no better investment in professional chess software and you get to try it for free.

Do you play chess on the internet? Bookup Express has a one-click feature that will move your latest game(s) to your favorite game database (Bookup, ChessBase, Fritz, Chess Assistant, etc.), and then import the game into your Bookup repertoire where it will show you exactly where you or your opponent played a new move.

You can't get this powerful feature from programs costing hundreds of dollars - but it's in the free Bookup Express.

Do you ever need help with your chess software? Try emailing a question to the programmer of ChessBase or Chess Assistant and to the programmer of Bookup. See which one you can actually contact. Then see which one actually answers you! (Hint: I'm the Bookup programmer.)

There's no risk in trying Bookup 2000 Express. Even if you later decide to register it and then you don't think it's the best investment you've ever made in chess software, get a refund - and keep the software! If you want to trade up to Bookup Professional ($149), you get full credit for your purchase of Bookup Express.

Let me know if I can make it easier for you!

Mike Leahy
Mike Leahy
The Database Man!

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P.S. Yes, Bookup 2000 Express is guaranteed to add points to your rating fast.  You get a full 30 days to try everything in the program and even after you register the program and you watch the tutorial videos and you work with one of our